Presets Library 16. NY Grand D- Devine Presets on NY Steinway D

Many presets over 4 Categories with an unique sound based on a NY Steinway D Grand  

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The basic Modartt model is authorized by Steinway & Sons, the model is appreciated for its versatile character. Subtle refinements are made for faithful rendering of the original instrument.

The New York Steinway D is the very first produced of Steinway’s groundbreaking new flagship instrument Model D Spirior, which has been used by some of the most famous pianists in the world today. The physical model is based on recordings made at the famous New York Steinway Hall.

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Library Contents

Tab shows the included instrument presets in NY Grand D.

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This Grand Piano has to be installed in your Pianoteq© collection. The presets are based on the NY Steinway D Grand, make sure you got this instrument available.



  1. Blues I
  2. Blues II
  3. Classic Bright
  4. Classic Wide
  5. Classical I
  6. Classical II
  7. Baroque WT
  8. Impressionist
  9. Jazz I
  10. Jazz II
  11. Jazz II
  12. Pop I
  13. Pop II
  14. Pop III



  1. Bass & Piano Split I
  2. Bass & Paino Split II
  3. Dark
  4. Distance
  5. Distance Hall
  6. Gentle I
  7. Gentle II
  8. Honkey Tonk I
  9. Honkey Tonk II
  10. Grand D I
  11. Grand D II
  12. Prelude I
  13. Prelude II
  14. Vintage
  15. Warm I
  16. Warm II
  17. Wide Unison I
  18. Wide Unison II


  1. At The Fire Site I
  2. At The Fire Site II
  3. Cinematic I
  4. Cinematic II
  5. Close Jazz I
  6. Close Jazz II
  7. Cosey I
  8. Cosey II
  9. Dreamy I
  10. Dreamy II
  11. Hyper Bright I
  12. Hyper Bright II
  13. Impro
  14. Laid Back
  15. Monk Tonk I
  16. Monk Tonk II
  17. New Age I
  18. New Age II
  19. Still I
  20. Still II



  1. Chamber Recording I
  2. Chamber Recording II
  3. Classical Recording I
  4. Classical Recording II
  5. Close Mic I 
  6. Close Mic II
  7. Jazz Recording I
  8. Jazz Recording II
  9. Player Clean I
  10. Player Clean II
  11. Player Wide I
  12. Player Wide II
  13. Studio Recording I
  14. Studio Recording II
  15. Studio Recording III
  16. Under Lid I
  17. Under Lid II


  1. Recording II
  2. Take 5 Room
  3. Under Lid
  4. Under Lid Dry Room
  5. Wide Miked