Getting started

A quick step-by-step setup how to setup your Preset Library:

  1. Make sure first, you have Pianoteq © version 7 installed on your computer.
  2. Select a Preset Library Package you like to purchase in the Shop
  3. After purchase refer to your email to get receipt, download and license.
  4. Download the GrandArtist App with your favourite Preset Library.
  5. Add on Libraries will be activated after restart.
  6. Follow install instructions.
  7. Go to main menu of the GrandArtist App and select Preferences.
  8. Select the appropriate Output device, select MIDI Port (often option All Ports) and select the apropriate MIDI Channel (often option All).
  9. Adjust your minimal and maximal velocity to your convenience.
  10. Set Dynamics and Volume to your convenience.

A more detailed description about the settings, is provided in the user manual.

Activating your app is easy, just follow these simple steps:

Download the app by clicking the blue “Download” button in the email you received after purchasing your App. When the App opens, you’ll be prompted with a window, click the “Enter License” button to the left of this window. On the screen that opens enter your Email Address, and the License Code from the ‘Activation Information’ box below in your e-mail, into the appropriate fields within the app. When you’ve completed the above, just click the “Activate License” button. Within a few seconds your product should be activated for full use! Any problems? Just reply on your email.