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Musician, teacher and sound designer, has been writing, teaching and playing for his whole life.  


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Synthesizer specialist, insider, musician and software developer, specialized into computer science and technics related to music.



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If there’s someone who can solve an issue, Joy is the one, she’s got solutions for any situation.


GrandArtist is founded in 2016 with the purpose to create live Piano Preset Libraries for playing gigs, live accompanying a choir, playing the band or for solo playing. The sound design Preset Libraries for Pianoteq © users, are playable trough the live GrandAartist App. The contained presets are the results of a meticulous developing project. The presets should have a natural sound and outstanding dynamics.

Together with great playability due to Pianoteq © modeling qualities, you can aggregate a MIDI Keyboard, Pianoteq © software, plus a GA Presets Library featuring a basic good Iive sound.  Ad the exclusive libraries to your virtual collections. The GA Preset Libraries are developed to sound great with the Pianoteq Pro- and Standard software but are also particularly interesting for Stage users. 

Perform with a great playability and a devine Grand Piano sound, through a MIDI keyboard, or digital piano setup.

The App exists of User Interface with a specific preset library, functioning in addition with your already purchased Pianoteq © software. However you don’t need to startup PT.  Through the libraries you are  provided with ready to play presets, easy to adjustable for your performance.

We would likely design a specific model preset library to your acquirements on request. Could be with specific Grand sounds needed for your production or performance.

“Tastfull presets, set inside a handy app.”

It is an real incredible playing experience for me. The sound quality of the presets is only matched by a real grand. I can keep on playin for ever. Thanks for making this experience an unforgettable one.
harmen commandeur

stylisch presets

Concert Grand Jazz Duet

Concert Grand Classical AB

Concert Grand Pop

Concert Grand Baroque

handy live app


Fine Preset Libraries

Fresh ideas

Take a decaf to get a little bit more relaxed 🙂 Comparison f.i. Yamaha Avant Grand N1  €6190,-

Pianoteq Standard € 249,-

Your setup plus a Library f.o. € 19,-

Video played on a Nectar impact LX 61 € 169,-

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Fine-tuned  delightful presets that instantly brighten up your sound and playing. Whether its the Virtual Grand, The Blue Grand or The Concert Grand, get the utmost out of it.

Our Library Collection

The best way to experience a library collection of presets is to use a trial version.. Follow the preset libraries and choose the most enticing collection to satisfy your taste.

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Image sources / Vintage Keys designed by Freepik / Music image created by Jannoon028