Library packages with presets of one distinct grand:

Be sure to have these instruments installed and licensed in your PT collection already. 

Library Play with presets distinguish: HB Concert D Grand.  

Library Play with presets distinguish: Studio B Grand.  

Library Play with presets distinguish: German  Grand.       

Library Play with presets distinguish: The Blue Grand.      

Library Play with presets distinguish: Japanese Grand.                       

Library Play with presets distinguish: The Virtual Grand.              

Library Play with presets distinguish: Historical Grand 1899.  

If you haven’t already done, you can select your Library to try or purchase. After purchasing your selected Library with secure payment, you will receive an activation license, a receipt and a download button through email.

Activating your app is easy, just follow these simple steps:

Download the app by clicking the blue “Download” button in the email you received after purchasing your App. When the App opens, you’ll be prompted with a window, click the “Enter License” button to the left of this window. On the screen that opens enter your Email Address, and the License Code from the ‘Activation Information’ box below in your email, into the appropriate fields within the app. When you’ve completed the above, just click the “Activate License” button. Your product should than be activated for full use! Any problems? Just reply on your email.

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