Presets Library 3. Distinguished on Steinway D – Numerous High Quality Presets –

Many new Presets over 4 Categories based on sound of the – Steinway D 274 Grand Piano  

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Presets for the Modartt virtual copy of a Steinway D from Hamburg, famous for its musical expression and being featured in numerous prominent recording studios and concert halls worldwide.  Presets are made for a stunningly vivid instrument created with demanding musician in mind.


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Library Contents

Tabs show the included instrument presets in the Concert Grand Library 3.

Your Package includes many inspiring High Quality live sounds. How to get the Concert Grand Sound Library:

Purchasing is easy. Follow Checkout proces, continue to checkout and validate. Once you’re done, you will receive an email by Paddle Services containing all the instructions for activation.

Listen to presets:

Jazz: GA Concertgrand Bass Split

Jazz: Grand Dark

Classic: Grand Ballad

Classic: Distance Recording AB / Soft Pedal