Preset Library 1. Standard Essential Grand. Virtual Grand & Concert Grand – Alongside

Grand Piano Mix

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Grand Piano Mix

Library Contents

The included instrument presets in the Essential Grand Library 1. make up a compact setting. Buy now €15.,-

Listen to Virtual Grand Classic (modified additional reverb Logic Chroma)


Virtual Grand and Concert Grand are available, if you have selected the Steinway and K2 package during installing Pianoteq ©. Presets are based on the K2  completely Virtual Grand Piano and the Steinway D Grand Piano.

Virtual Grand


  • Virtual Grand Backing Pro
  • Virtual Grand Dark
  • Virtual Grand Ambiance
  • Virtual Grand Bright
  • Virtual Grand American
  • Virtual Grand Evening
  • Virtual Grand Ballad

Concert Grand


  • Concert Grand Bright Wet
  • Concert Grand I
  • Concert Grand Rich
  • Concert Grand Bright
  • Black Grand Intimate Dark
  • Concert Grand Ballad I
  • Concert Grand Evening