Preset Library 2. Collection 8 Populair Grands – Alongside

A variety of really cool grand piano’s.

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A variety of really cool grand piano’s.

Library Contents


The included instrument presets in the Collection Popular Grand Piano’s Library 2. are assembled out of 8 cool Grand Piano Models.

Preset: Blue Grand Prelude


A variety of 8 Popular Grand Piano’s. Be sure to have the required Pianoteq © instruments installed and licensed on your computer, before you purchase this Presets Library.

Concert Grand


  • Concert Grand Ouverture
  • Concert Grand Ouverture Jazz
  • Concert Grand Pop Bright

Studio Grand


  • Studio Grand Back
  • Studio Grand Concert
  • Studio Grand Player Room

German Grand


  • German Grand A Pro
  • German Grand Classic
  • German Grand Studio

Blue Grand


  • Blue Grand Bright Concert
  • Blue Grand Easy
  • Blue Grand Prelude

Japanese Grand


  • Japanese Grand A Band
  • Japanese Grand Close
  • Japanese Grand Cool Bliue

Virtual Grand


  • Virtual Grand Bass Piano Split
  • Virtual Grand Gently
  • Virtual Grand Jazzy Soft

Bayreuth Grand

  • Bayreuth Grand Back
  • Bayreuth Grand Jazz
  • Bayreuth Grand Prelude

Czech Grand

  • Czech Grand Bright
  • Czech Grand Classic
  • Czech Grand Jazz